Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Harvest Christian School serves faithful parents in educating and shaping students to joyfully pursue the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty found in Christ, within a distinctively classical education.


  • A challenging curriculum that remains centered on and committed to Biblical Christian Truth.
  • A course of study that supports the needs of academically diverse student interests while instilling a desire to be a life-long learner.
  • Creative, enthusiastic, passionate teachers who love their students and take personal interest in their success.
  • Building character in a way that allows students to confront a changing world with the strength of unchanging truth.
  • An educational environment conducive to supporting spiritual, academic, athletic, and artistic excellence.
  • Communications that are planned, coordinated, and achieved in a manner that will meet the needs of students, parents, teachers, and the community in order to convey the school’s desire for distinctiveness, and excellence.
  • Strong accountable administrative leadership on site.
  • A governing Board that is strategically driven and pro-actively focused on the long-term spiritual health and educational growth of the school.


Mark 12:30 ~ “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God . . .”


"...with all thy heart . . . . . ”

At Harvest Christian School we are committed to providing a strong and vibrant spiritual atmosphere. This aspect of our school is of utmost importance from which all other pursuits are grounded in. In keeping to its inter-denominational vision, HCS will strive to instruct, inspire, and engage students in worship, God’s Word, prayer, and fellowship. We believe that we have a fresh, unique vision and approach to presenting these times of worship and the Word in chapel and throughout each school day. The virtues and benefits of a Spirit-filled life will be expressed to the students and exemplified by the teachers, staff, and administration.


"...with all thy soul . . . . . ”

At Harvest Christian School it is our sincere desire to have strong and diverse arts programs available to our students. This is uniquely important to us as a Christian school because we believe that we have all been created in the image of our Creator. This implies that each individual is uniquely gifted by the Creator with various abilities of creativity. We are committed to discovering and developing these skills in each student and providing the opportunity for their display.


"...with all thy mind . . . . . ”

At Harvest Christian School we are passionate about an Academic approach that is truly distinct. Students will grow in knowledge and love for learning as they study a carefully selected and integrated curriculum based upon a Biblical world view, all balanced with a more classical approach. This encourages interaction and relies on a purer form of education that fosters excitement for the varied subjects. Our desire is to shape life-long learners.


"...with all thy strength . . . . . ”

There is so much value in physical education and we are excited about bringing that to light here at Harvest Christian School. These competitive activities provide opportunities for students to develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually while learning the value of teamwork, self-discipline, sportsmanship, strong work-ethic, loyalty, respect for their bodies, and healthy life-styles physically.